Road Trip Summer 2018 Searching On

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I was born restless. Even today I feel it. I do my best to keep up with the demands of a conventional life when I am not conventional. This often leads to a feeling of overwhelming boredom and longing for MORE… always MORE.


Then the 19 year old wakes up and comes up with a plan. The plan: another Road Trip through the States. My son Pablo and I took one in the summer of 2015. We went down to California with some cool stops along the way.  We spent roughly 15 days out. This time around we have turned ambitious. 29 days on the road. Camping for about half that time. Preparation is way trickier for this trip. I find that some degree of intuition is necessary to go through this process.

What to consider:

All camping equipment: from tent, mosquito nets, cooking gear, sleeping bags appropriate for the weather conditions you will encounter.

First Aid – medicine box- From traveling alone I have developed the need to have this well thought out. You can’t really manage to go out searching for supplies once you get hit with something. Therefore I pack for everything from scrapes to lung, skin or intestinal bacteria.

Being efficient with how to pack your things is of most importance suffering from lack of attention having things sorted in a logical manner helps when you need to find something.

Car maintenance: Super important when you’re headed on a 7,500 km (roughly 5,000 miles) journey. Turns out my front break pads were almost out! Not anymore…Thank you, Sergio!


Health and travel insurance: Which I hope I’ll never need!

House sitter: Plants need water!!! Thank you Maureen for graciously volunteering to take this on. Enjoy your bachelorette gateway spot for the next month!!

Donations: This is an important part of my journey prep. Taking care of others sends all the Karmic protection you need to make a safe and blessed road to discovery. Thank you, Saman for instilling in me the faith on this practice and for making sure my donations go anonymously to those whose journey in life is defined by hardship.

Now all is pretty much done and I can feel the excitement through my core. That feeling of anticipation of what’s to come. Action and adventure junkie! All our spots are planned and reserved that uncertainty in traveling brings too much discomfort for a planner like myself but still there is so much unknown. I find it necessary to step away from the comfort zone and put yourself in the unknown.

Mission: For this trip I’m hoping to immerse myself in God’s divine creation and find sources of energy that will help me connect with my Angels and Spirit Guides.

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Setting the intention to attune my connection to them in the hopes to help with decision making. What path to follow, what to keep and what needs to be let go! I feel like I’m ready for this to be my next spiritual goal.

Bags are packed and heart is open.

July 19, 2018 to Kamloops first pause.







6 thoughts on “Road Trip Summer 2018 Searching On”

  1. Love it Emmy! Have a wonderful trip and I look forward to reading along about your journey. ¡Te quiero!


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