Universe will pay it forward

We were at a beautiful spot where you watch the sunset at Grand Canyon, there was an Eastern European family a mom, dad, grandma and baby. They were all taking turns with the gorgeous baby girl for a picture. I was enjoying this happiness I was witnessing as I could tell they felt so blessed to be in that amazing spot and have this baby in their lives. It reminded me a little of when Pablo was a baby and both my parents and sister were so overjoyed with this miracle I had brought to the world almost out of thin air. I went up to them and offered to take a family picture. They seemed both surprised and excited being approached by me. Dad immediately starts telling me in his broken English how to work his camera and proceeds to specify which background he preferred. 🙂 I obliged and took a few shots as Grandma silently wanted to try a few different poses. About a week later Pablo and I were at this gorgeous spot we randomly found (randomly meaning Pablo feels like trekking through somewhere that seems to be leading nowhere …I follow then BOOM!) We were taking each others pictures when this young woman approaches me and asks if I would like her to photograph us together. I say sure not thinking much of it. Then this amazing photograph is the result. Random acts of kindness that create memories for a lifetime.


Some other shots of the day:



DSC_0364 (1)

DSC_0340 (1)
The path that seems to lead nowhere…


DSC_0351 (1)

Life rocks…


3 thoughts on “Universe will pay it forward”

  1. Karma’s perfect spiritual principle of cause and effect: We give what we have and get what we give. Loving the blog even I’m reading a bit late!


    1. Isn’t that the truth! Thank you for tour comment Noris. It has actually been very exciting to write although the tech part takes me forever! 😁 Thank you for reading!!


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